Our Goal


We get it. You are a busy professional and hiring a good virtual worker can be a tedious process. Not to mention you have no idea if the person you just hired lives up to your expectations. We makes things a whole lot simpler for you by finding you someone skilled for the job AT NO EXTRA COST.

The Virtual Geeks (TVG) is a multi-VA firm with a streamlined approach to virtual assistance. Whether you need a full-time help or just a couple of hours a week, TVG has competitive hourly and fixed plans suited for every need. Just email us and tell us what you need to get done and we'll get started in less than 48 hours! Because our geek assistants are working remotely, they won’t be involved in general office activities, gossip, and politics, which directly increases worker/task productivity. A normal 40-hour week of an office assistant will be replaced with a 20-hour week of a geek assistant! We are committed to giving you results for every hour logged in every geek assistant's timesheet.

Give us a try and see for yourself.

How we do it

While the tasks that you want to delegate may be considered grunt work, we know how important these little tasks are and it is absolutely important to get it done right each time. That's where TVG comes in. We realize that each person has their own specialty and our goal is to ensure that all tasks are delegated to the person skilled for the job. 

As soon as you start working with us, you have hired an entire team of professionals in various fields: administrative, research, SEO, social media, content and more. The entire operation is managed by your Project Manager at no extra cost, allowing you to get the benefits of a skilled team but only need to communicate to a single contact yourself. All that for a price of dinner! How’s that for value for money?!

Whether you only need one VA for a single task or an entire team of experts, we will equip you with all the tools and skills that you need for your business. It is an ultimate virtual workforce solution that will dramatically reduce cost and guarantee business success!

Contact us now for a free 15-minute consultation to see if this solution is the perfect fit for you!

The VA Master

Kat Antonio is the brains behind The Virtual Geeks, and it’s the brains that make a difference here.

Kat is a skilled digital marketer who trains and manages a team of highly-skilled agents so they are equipped to do each task assigned to them. As a previous VA and a business owner, Kat understands what it takes to provide value to the person you work for. Her combined VA and management experience of over 5 years has honed her to successfully operate a virtual management service. She is passionate about excellent work and ensuring that both the client and the team reach their business and career goals.

Prior to starting TVG, Kat was BPO leader with over 8 years of combined customer success, technical support, digital marketing and eCommerce experience. View her profile here.